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An affiliate program is a partnership between an online merchant, in this case William Hill and/or Mr Green and an affiliate website like yours that sends us player traffic. In return for your traffic, we pay you commission. Usually, your commission is based on the quantity of traffic sent, but more importantly, the quality of the traffic and depending on the deal made, you could get paid a one-off CPA deal, a share of the Revenue generated from your players, or a mixed Hybrid of both.

It’s free and a great way to earn money and add value to your website.

MrAffiliate is the official affiliate program for Mr Green.com and William Hill International. MrAffiliate provides you with a comprehensive plan along with reporting tools to make your website a commercial success. You can count on MrAffiliate’s dedicated and professional team to respond fast and professionally to any questions or concerns you have. After all, your success, is our success!

The 1st thing to do is click the ‘Apply today & start earning’ button. You will be directed to our partner application form. Please note the following rules that MUST be adhered to and can result in your application being rejected: • Any conflict with our MrAffiliate Terms and Conditions • Incorrect details entered in the application • Submitted site conflicts with our business • You operate in a market outside of our jurisdiction • You have an incomplete or a website that has not officially launched • Or the website is not compliant within its operating market Upon approval, you will be able to log in to MrAffiliate, download the latest William Hill and/or Mr Green banners to use on your website. You can also review your performance via your dashboard and track your growing revenue.

Absolutely nothing! It’s free to join and we will help you with support and materials to get you started.

We’ve got you covered. Your MrAffiliate dashboard is loaded with information like how many players you have converted, which links are converting best, your current deals and more importantly, your earnings.

A lifetime Revenue Share deal means exactly that… for the lifetime a player continues to play with our brands. Your Revenue Share deal will also remain active if a player returns to play after a self-exclusion period, or extended hiatus.

MrAffiliate offers one of the best commission structures online. You can earn anywhere between 25% and 50% Revenue Share per player, for life - depending on how many depositing players you refer each month to Mr Green or William Hill International.

Log in to your MrAffiliate account and select the “media gallery” to see a variety of banners and sizes you can use on your website. There is also the function for creating your own tracking text links. Copy the unique link and paste into your own website code. The banners or text links will then appear on your website. It really is that simple.

Your players are tracked using the unique banners and text links you downloaded and created on MrAffiliate.com. When players you refer click those banners or links to visit the Mr Green or William Hill International websites for the first time, this tracking code is captured by a cookie that is stored on their computer when they signup. Any further activity by this player will then be registered and allocated to your dashboard. And of course, you will be credited for all net income generated by the player throughout their lifetime.

Sometimes your player may win big and move your balance into the negative at the end of the month. What MrAffiliate does is reset your balance back to zero for the start of the next month’s earnings, this is commonly known as Negative Carryover. Think of it as a clean slate, so that whatever happened in the previous month to hamper your earnings doesn’t affect the following month.

We’re always here to help. If you have any questions or need further assistance; maybe, you have some comments or suggestions regarding MrAffiliate, or perhaps you simply want to chat. Then drop us a line at: [email protected].

Not to worry, it happens to us all. Simply use our 'forgotten password' tool.

Please note the below important information regarding restricted countries/territories MrAffiliate brands DO NOT operate in or have limited access to. William Hill: please find a full list and exceptions related to restricted markets here Mr Green: restricted countries include, Afghanistan | Australia | Belarus | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Burma | Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) | Cuba | Democratic Republic of Congo | Iran | Iraq | Liberia | Libya | North Korea | Serbia | Sudan | Syria | USA | Zimbabwe. Redbet: for affiliates working with the Redbet brand, the following countries are ALL VALID to operate in. Any country NOT on this list will be a restricted market. Aland Islands | Andorra | Antigua and Barbuda | Argentina | Bolivia | Bouvet Island | Brazil | British Indian Ocean Territory | British Virgin Islands | Brunei | Chile | Cook Islands | Costa Rica | Democratic republic of Congo | Dominica | Dominican Republic | Falkland Islands | Fiji | Gibraltar | Guernsey | Haiti | Heard Island and McDonald Islands | Iceland | Ireland | Isle of Man | Jamaica | Jersey | Kiribati | Lebanon | Lesotho | Luxembourg | Macedonia | Maldives | Malta | Marshall Islands | Mexico | Micronesia | Monaco | Montenegro | Mozambique | New Zealand | Norway | Palestinian Territory | Paraguay | Peru | Pitcairn | Saint Helena | Saint Lucia | San Marino | Sao Tome and Principe | Seychelles | Solomon Islands | Svalbard and Jan Mayen | Swaziland | Tanzania | Tokelau | Tonga | Turks and Caicos Islands | Tuvalu | United Kingdom | Uruguay | Vatican | Venezuela

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