We have categorised the cookies and website trackers we used into the 2 categories below.


These cookies are essential to provide you with the services available to and requested by you when you are using our website. These cookies are also essential to enable you to use some of the features of our website.

Without these cookies our website will not work.

We also use cookies to track and improve user experience by learning anonymously about preferences.

We may also use functionality cookies when strictly necessary to record information about choices you’ve made on previous visits to our website, in order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

A better website experience

The cookies and trackers allow us to continually review and improve the layout and functionality of our website to give you the best experience, including:

  • to better understand the way visitors use and interact with our website so that we can improve how we present our content;
  • use the data collected by such cookies to experiment with different design ideas for particular pages, such as our homepage;
  • collect information about visitors to our website, such as what devices and browsers our visitors use;
  • determine the number of unique users of our website;
  • improve our website by measuring any errors that occur;
  • conduct research and diagnostics to improve product offerings.
Cookie NameOriginWhat it does
mraffCookieConsentmraffilate.comUsed to verify cookie consent.
_gaGoogle AnalyticsUsed to distinguish users.
_ga_4EDR697V3RGoogle AnalyticsTo store a unique user ID.
_gidGoogle AnalyticsUsed to distinguish users.